Shooks on the move! <3 Personal Blog <3

Its bittersweet leaving the home we have loved for 7 years. Change is scary. We took a leap of faith and sold our beautiful home! I wanted to share with those who follow my photography a few pictures I had time to take on our last day.  I had planned on taking more and spending more time documenting the move, but as you know....moves are crazy and life happens! 


These images arent perfect. I had no time to worry about the technicalities, but I had just enough time to document the real ❤️ This house didn't see perfection over the years, but it saw a lot of love <3 



Green thumb mommas...I salute you. BROWN THUMB club here and I'm not sure how this beautiful thing survived my lack of watering and acknowledgement, but just like the memories this house has held it just bloomed through the years.



969 is no longer mine, but the memories made here will last a lifetime.

Denay Shook