How I took my own family portraits at the beach!

The beach is everyones favorite time to take pictures! I usually get so caught up in planning the trip I forget to book a local photographer for us! I also must admit...being a photographer myself I have a hard time letting go of the creative control so I kind of like doing them myself anyways!

My littles are at the HARD ages. I have crazy toddlers who won't sit still for 30 seconds let alone enough time for me to get a picture! Many of you are probably in the same boat. 


Here are some tips for you to take your own family photos if you are up for the challenge!

1. Bring a Tripod! I use the SunPak Ultra (click for link). You can find it online, but I picked mine up from my Local BestBuy !

2. Get a Shutter Release Timer Remote. Its a LIFESAVER! I got one just before Christmas and am in LOVE! I use one similar to this one (click for link) on Amazon!

3. Shoot close to sunset. If your kids go to bed early, just shoot for as late as possible.

The burning HOT Myrtle Beach Sun is NO JOKE and the last thing your kids want to do is sit still in the heat, but this is mainly to get a nice soft even light. Now because my kids last a total of .5 seconds I personally cut it VERY close to sunset or as close as I can get!

4. Don't force the posing. 

Make it a game! Tickle them! Talk about what you are going to do after, let them play in the sand and avoid mentioning the camera. I am usually able to get that one posed shot of all of us looking as long as I don't push it too hard along the way! This pretty much how I run my sessions as well and why most clients are amazed at their results.

LENS - I'd use 24 or 35 :) Thats all about preference though!

Now there is a plus side to hiring a professional like myself. You get more intimate shots of your family and can be more natural and relaxed. Although i LOVED my results I didn't walk away with a handful of breathtaking photos like I am able to achieve for my clients! However, I did get some winning shots and a canvas worthy family photo so its a win-win! There is a reason we do charge what we do though for family photos...this was STRESSFUL. I'm much more relaxed with my clients! Being your OWN baby wrangler and photographer is no joke, but what can I say! I'm a huge fan of the process and the result so I was happy to do it! <3

I will soon be offering a DSLR 101 course for those in the Atlanta area! Email me or shoot me a DM on social media  for more information!

Want me to travel to you for your beach session? I'd love too! <3 Use the this link to request pricing for a session! I travel to Savannah, Georgia Myrtle Beach, South Carolina       Hilton Head Island and Ormond Beach, Florida for sessions.