Making Memories with Santa- The Magical Christmas Experience with Denay Shook Photography-Gwinnett Family and Children Photographer Thompsons Tree Farm Lawrenceville, Georgia

Santa is one of the most magical part of childhood. Waiting all year for his arrival, making sure you are EXTRA NICE in the weeks leading up to christmas and baking cookies the night before Christmas. There is so much magic in believing. So much joy is brought to your little ones during this time. Meeting Santa is also an occasion children and parents wait for ALL YEAR! I was so excited to offer my Santa Sessions this year because I knew I would be giving children an experience like no other. Our sessions were quick, but children have no sense of time when they get to meet Santa. Some children chose to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas, others toasted with egg nog, and a few got to play peek-a-boo! PEEK-A-BOO with SANTA! How amazing is that? Of course, there were tears for those who hadn't met Jolly St. Nick before, but even those images pull at my heart strings because over the next few years their excitement for the Holiday and Santa will grow!

Here are some images from our 2017 Santa Sessions

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Exclusive Private Santa Sessions will begin at $525 for a 30 minute session with digital images and print rights.

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